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Name: Nastja

Email: nast_ouche@hotmail.com

Gender: Female

From: Brussels, Belgium

Message: Hi! I'm Nastja and I search a british penpal to improve my english and also learn more about culture, young people, going out,practises... I speak perfectly German and French thus I can teach you! If you're interested...write me! cu

Name: JOES

Email: jackjuniourjoes@yahoo.com

Gender: Male

Age: 18 - 29


Message: I am a single,heterosexual,undergraduate persuing bacholor of science in computer science and Information technology also taking CISCO (CCNA and CCNP) networks.
Iam versatile, goal oriented, self motivated, have good self image.
I would like penpals from america, england, australia, canada, britain, germany, poland, switzerland, and may be the rest of the world.
write soon to hear more from me.


Name: samuel charo masai

Email: samcharoz@yahoo.com

Gender: Male

Age: 18 - 29

From: nairobi kenya

my name is samuel charo masai - friends call me sam, am a kenyan male aged 24 years old, i am interested in getting male and female penfriends aged 18-100 who have a good sense of humor and like sharing ideas, have lots to talk 'bout and beautiful both in mind and physical appearance, am a universal person and i can't resist or deny to reply any mail from anyone from any country!, i like classical music,can dance without asking for a break,and likes lots of soul  with  a passion for poetry especially Robert Burns-my favourite being "Sweet Afton" i also enjoy RnB and with movies, no one can throw me out of the theatre even if bin Laden was rumoured to be in the neighborhood,
am currently volunteering in a local home for the needy street children and unfortunate people,where am also the co-founder of the children's home  i won't mind having frienship with someone peopls of the same personality and who might be working in an NGO or working as a volunteer or anybody interested in helping the needy in any means available who loves sharing and being there for anyone inorder to make the world a better place.

Name: Rayon

Email: rayonbling@yahoo.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 18 - 29

From: Jamaica

Message: I would like someone to be my friend form Poland or anywhere.

Name: abdulkerim erguven

Email: abdulkerim68@yahoo.com

Gender: Male

Age: 30 - 45

From: turkiye

Message: l want to learn english. l need  penfriend all of you.


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