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Visit Poland

Poland lies at the geometric centre of Europe and is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in the world. In the north there is the beautiful Baltic Sea, while in the south lie the natural boundary of the Carpathian Mountains. In the east, Poland ends at the River Bug, while in the west it is the Rivers Oder and Nysa Luzycka that form the border. Poland is as it has always been: the contact point between the cultures of east and west.

The Poland of today covers around 312,000 Km2, and has a population of more than 40 million. Poland is a hospitable and friendly country with countless historical sights, a picturesque landscape, clean environment, and outstanding natural riches. 

Sites with lots of Photographs and Useful Information about visiting Poland:

Poland Poland - a good site for anyone looking for specific information about the villages, towns and cities in the west of Poland 

Polish Railways -a site about railways in Poland. Includes hundreds of photos, maps, mini-forum, and even a free railways email account!

Stay on a Polish farm - links and information about agritourism (farm based accommodation) in Poland.

Learn Polish - learn Polish while living in your teacher's house in Poland.

Farm Poland - a farm offering accommodation and fishing on two ponds stocked with catfish and carp.

Skwierzyna - an image based site about the town of Skwierzyna in Lubuskie. 

Webcams around Poland - links to lots of webcams around Poland. See just what places look like before visiting!


Lubuskie - photographs of Lubuskie, one of the provinces of Poland.




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