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Polish Music

In this section of our site about Poland we concentrate on Polish folk and Polka music. We aim to make available: a range of traditional Polish folk and Polka songs in MP3 files to download for free; the words or lyrics to these Polish songs in Polish, with English translations; and general information about Polish folk and Polka music. Our main focus is on the light, fun, dance, village side of Polish music. 

Polish Songs and Lyrics       Free Polish MP3 Soundfiles

Most of the songs and lyrics we feature might be classified as either Polish folk music or Polish polka. Polish folk music contains elements from all over present day Poland, so contains Polish, Prussian, German, Czech, Slovakian, Russian and Ukrainian influences. With Polish folk music it is the melody which is the most important element of the songs. Polka is a lively dance for couples in 2/4 time, which developed from folk music roots in Poland. Both forms of Polish music are perfect for weddings and other such celebrations.

If you have any suggestions or songs you would like to see added to this part of our site, please contact us. Maybe you've got a favorite Polish - American song you'd like to see translated into English? Or perhaps you have an MP3 you'd like us to add to the site for others to enjoy? This site will always be free!
















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