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Name: Melissa

Email: lilbit2217@yahoo.com

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 20

Nationality : American with Polish Background

Hobbies / Interests: Scrapbooking, Outdoors, Traveling

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: I don't understand Polish Writing... I know a few Polish sayings and words. I'd like to learn a lot more though.

Name: Richard

Email: lionhart84@hotmail.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 36

Nationality : New Zealand

Hobbies / Interests: Writing, movie going, listening to music

Looking for: Female Friends

Message: I'm looking for a female Polish penfriend who has a sense of humour and an active mind who'd like to communicate via e-mail for fun. Nothing serious

Name: Ania

Email: yo_soy@o2.pl

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 26

Nationality : polish

Hobbies / Interests: books, art, drawing, music...

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: Hi :)
I'm Ania and I come from Poland. I'm open-minded, have lots of sense of humour (at least I'm told that I have it lol!) and like to talk with people verrrrrrrrrrrrry much :) So, if you want, write to me :)

Name: Yoko

Email: lukals@excite.co.jp

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 19

Nationality : Japan

Hobbies / Interests: learning about foreign language and different cultures, listening to music, singing, driving a car, movies, reading, video games, anime, manga and playing the piano

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: My name is Yoko. I'm a Japanese girl and 19 years old. I'm upbeat and very easy going. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Carribean. My favorite artists are Utada Hikaru, T.M.Revolution, Koda Kumi, Hitoto Yo and Johnnys. I like J-POP. I can understand only Japanese and English, I'm interested in foreign language though.
I'm looking for a snail mail friend(only!) all over the world and a friend of long distance. Because about e-mail I can't write frequently. So I want to be a friend with a person who can wait my reply patiently and like long letter. Of course I don't mind the late reply and age. I prefer females but males are k to. But No ROMANCE. I'd like to talk about country, hobby, etc. If you are interested in Japan, I'm glad. I want to study about your country. I'm waiting for e-mail from you. Thank you for reading.


Name: ania wolanin

Email: aniann2408@znn.com

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 21

Nationality : Australian

Hobbies / Interests: Watching tv

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: Hi be my friend for a whole bunch of fun


Name: Wonderbra

Email: wonderbra_64@hotmail.com

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 40

Nationality : Dutch

Hobbies / Interests: cooking,dancing,reading,tv,movie,gardening

Looking for: Male Friends

Message: Like to get in touch with nice Polish men to write and maybe meet


Name: lars

Email: larsmolbaek@yahoo.dk

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 39

Nationality : denmark

Hobbies / Interests: music travel nature animals

Looking for: Female Friends

Message: my name is lars im 39 years old im looking for a serrius woman from poland to start a true and serious realaionship up your age 21-36 years old my hobbies are music travel nature animals


Name: Adela & Szymon Bak

Email: polfriendusa@hotmail.com

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 53 & 56

Nationality : Polish American, Polish Canadian

Hobbies / Interests: genealogy,travels,cooking,internet

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: My husband and I would like to make friends with Polish couples from all over the world who are in our age group. My husband is a carpenter by trade, I am a Realtor and translation is my hobby.


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