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Name: Kris

Email: kriskroskrisje10@yahoo.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 28

Nationality : Netherlands

Hobbies / Interests: traveling, sports, going out for diner, enjoying a conversation in a restaurant or in the outside, music, writing letters, mailing, en lots more.........

Looking for: Female Friends

Name: Veronica

Email: vcass65@yahoo.co.uk

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 30

Nationality : Irish

Hobbies / Interests: Music, films, cinema, books, art & painting, fashion, cultures, world events & news.

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for Polish penpals for friendship and correspondance by email, snail mail..or both.
I have many interests and would love to hear from you.  So if you want to make a new friend from Ireland, are between 20 & 40 yrs old, like to have fun and enjoy everything, just drop me a message. Wishing you Good Luck from Ireland :)


Name: James Sullivan

Email: bobx11@gmail.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 23

Nationality : American

Hobbies / Interests: Social, reading, technology/work

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: I am married to a wonderful Polish woman and am learning Polish as a hobby.  I'd be interested in emailing someone else who is fluent or just learning to help me put it into practice with writing.  Thanks!

Name: senani

Email: senaniweerasinghe@yahoo.it

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 31

Nationality : italian

Hobbies / Interests: playing cricket and rugby tour

Looking for: Female Friends

Message: Hi I'M from italy do u want wright me for freindship for long way?



Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 33

Nationality : PUERTO RICAN

Hobbies / Interests: TRAVEL, RUNNING

Looking for: Female Friends

Message: Im planning on moving to Poland to study polish. I'd like to know which would be a good city to study and with a good night life.

Name: Jeanette

Email: j.mittendrein@utanet.at

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 15 

Nationality : Austrian

Hobbies / Interests: music, dancing, meeting friends, go into clubs, surfing in the Internet, reading, watching TV...

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: Hi! I'm a 15 years old girl from Austria, and i search Penpals for all over the world, to get a better English, and new friends. I hope you'll send me a E-Mail.

Name: John Apps

Email: johnapps@yahoo.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 32

Nationality : English

Hobbies / Interests: Travelling, history, reading, films & movies, experiencing new cultures, music

Looking for: Female Friends

Message: Hi! My name is John and I am looking for anyon from Poland for a laugh and good times!  I'm usually in Warsaw a lot - so anyone from there?


Name: senani

Email: senaniweerasinghe@yahoo.it

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 30

Nationality : srilankan

Hobbies / Interests: playing cricket and rugby

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: hi I'm from Italy, I would like to know lot of friends from poland. wright me please.... 


Name: Todd Goldfinger

Email: tdg727@aol.com

Gender / Sex: Male

Age: 25

Nationality : Other

Hobbies / Interests: Music, Travel, Reading, Meditation

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: Czesc! One year ago I returned from the most amazing experiences I have ever had: 8 months living in Wroclaw, Poland. I definitely fell in love with the place but also a beautiful Polish girl named Bogusia. I was also able to make music there with 2 wonderful Producers/musicians: Mateusz Chmielski of "Peter Gunn" and Maciej Kucia who is an amazing photographer as well.
I even landed a job teaching English as a Native Speaker in 2 schools.
I hope to return one day soon and see my friends whom I miss so much.
In the meantime, I would be happy to hear from anyone in Wroclaw and elsewhere in Poland, especially those of you who may know me but have lost touch, and former students
of mine from private lessons, Oxford Language
School, and CDN Language Center, I miss you all very
much. All the best and God bless. T.O.D.D. (AKA: Goldie)


Name: mavis

Email: maffuel@yahoo.com

Gender / Sex: Female

Age: 20

Nationality : Ghanaian

Hobbies / Interests: making friends, writing and reading

Looking for: Male Friends

Message: I wanna meet my dream one here so if you are mature and ready to live with black lady from Ghana west Africa than let be friends frist and see what will come next.



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