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Name: Lynne Mierzwiak
Email: parentadvocate36@msn.com
Gender: Female
Age:: 30 - 45
From: California USA
Message: My roots are in Poland, my early years were the very polish ways and since my grandparents died, it is like the family stopped speaking the language and moved away form tradition and am hoping to find new friends that speak some english and help me get the language back, but mainly to meet new friends and have fun

Name: Eider
Email: txuspita@hotmail.com
Gender: Female
Age:: 18 - 29
From: Spain
Message: Hello Everybody!
I want to know new friends.
I like paint, cinema, write letters, read, music,...
If you like be my friend write me!


Name: khalid
Email: khalidsagmani@hotmail.com
Gender: Male
Age:: 45 +
From: Netherlands
Message: just looking for a nice friendship,

Name: Christian
Email: goedelc@hotmail.com
Gender: Male
Age:: 18 - 29
From: Sweden
Message: Hejsan!! Just interested in mailing some poles and other europeans. I've planned on studying in Krakow Poland for a year so..ya know!! Hejdå!

Name: Simon
Email: denmark2day@hotmail.com
Sex: Male
Age:: 18 - 29
From: Denmark
Message: I am 30 years, male from Copenhagen, DK. I am looking for friends, specially female from PL, CZ, SK OR HU.

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